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Apologies to T.S. Eliot, but for us fisherman in the NYC area it is as true as it has ever been.  The first half of this April has been cruel indeed.  Whether it has been bitter cold, lashing winds, or a combination of both, there has been only a handful of days that you could fish and then there was the problem of finding fish.

Bay temps have popped up and down so much that any fishing these past weeks has been more an exercise is optimism and a simple desire to get off the couch.

That said, there has been word that the other side of the bay (Keyport, Cliffwood, etc.) have seen their share of resident schoolies hitting on worm and clam.  Given the size, there’s no photo evidence…so it is all hearsay at this point.

Also in the hearsay column is bunker.  Word is that there are tons of bunker around even with the colder water.  While many a sharpie and old salt seem happy about the prospect, I am not so sure.  If the bunker are in this early without the bass being around, they may exit just as early and we may just miss a good spring run.  Only time will tell.

Speaking of time,  this fisherman has been putting in his both on the sand and on the grassy banks of NJ’s big reservoirs.  Big sunnies are all I have to report, but as I am wont to quote my son’s favorite children’s books…Fish is Fish!

Big ole Round Valley sunny…Caught on super worm and drifted under a bobber a few inches off the bottom. One of two landed in about 2 hours of trying.

Heading out tonight, so look for something either here or on Twitter( @SI_Osprey )

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