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Is that you always have that nagging thought in the back of your mind that this has gotta end.

IMG_20150509_073236And that’s what fishing has been like these past two weeks.  It is been so much fun, you are going to be miserable when it is over.

Good news is that it looks like that won’t be the case anytime soon.  With water temps at the Sand Hook gauge reading 62 for the warmest parts of the day, you can expect some pretty solid fishing to continue for some time now barring any unforeseen weather event.

Big bluefish were the norm for the past two weeks.  Bigger than we’ve seen in sometime and in numbers that some are saying haven’t been seen in nearly a decade. These tackle-busting, rod-bending, brag-worthy blues have been making runs up and down the bay beaches making fishermen happy and bunker very, very, very unhappy.

That’s not to say that the bass aren’t around.  Boats have been nailing some cows to 40 lbs by working channel edges and snag-and-drop tactics, although the latter hasn’t been easy.  The best net-men in the bay have been complaining about how wily the bunker have been.  That has stopped them from trying and certainly hasn’t stopped them from catching.

Boats can move around and look for them, but the surf sharpies have been having good luck too…it’s just a little more hit or miss.  Earlier in the week, it was a lot more hit than miss.  Like a hit every cast.IMG_4799

Chunked bunker tossed into the rips and cuts have been very effective in drawing in these bruiser blues.  Dedicated surf anglers who put in the time and the effort have been rewarded with some pretty epic nights.  There were hard hits and long runs on bunker with anglers landing 5-6 fish a piece.  And when the fish are this big…you’re feeling it the next morning.

Stout gear, strong hooks, and a quick are a serious requirement when these monsters prowl.

That’s not an idle bit of advice either.  These early season blues are nothing to fool around with.  With fish ranging over 13 lbs being hooked from shore, you soon find out why the true Northeast sharpie will tell you that…pound for pound…nothing fights like a big bluefish.IMG_1303

Beasts like the one below, make runs in, runs out, and runs parallel to the beach that will have you hauling, working, and praying your drag is strong and your knots stronger.IMG_1509The great thing is that even with these blues around; there are still bass to be found.  The surf isn’t yielding keepers in any good numbers, but you can still find them with clam.  You will loose rigs because these bluefish will eat nearly anything.

Looking forward, this run of amazing fishing will end.  That much is certain.  When it ends there’s no way to know.  So stop reading web reports and get out there.

There’ll be plenty of time to catch up when this party is over!

May 2015
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