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But he’s a bass!

The non-winter of 2011-2012 had left the bay very warm for the end of March. Both SDHN4 and Keansburg had been averaging well over 50 degrees for the past 3 weeks with only minor changes in temps day to day. That had meant a major striper bite with surf and kayak fisherman on both sides of the bay finding bass to 17lbs, but that might not be the case for the next few days.

In the last few days, there have been huge dips and climbs in the bay temps. This inconsistency along with shifting winds, cold air temps, and an unfavorable tide might be putting the big ‘uns down for a bit.

That said, bunker can be found in various spots around the bay and moving eastward. Where there’s bunker, there’s bass. Or so they say. Whether they’re keyed on the bait is another question. Despite the weather, it is possible that these bass are still on their early spring clam/worm diet plan. Chunked, freshly snagged, bunker failed to get a touch on a night that worms drew solid hook ups from fish to 10lbs. Dive reports from New Jersey have herring all over. It may be time to get out the crippled herring in blue/black and give it a toss. Soft baits were getting hits as late as last Tuesday, but with the conditions…that might not be the case anymore. That said, a plug bag with a pearl Hogy on a 2 oz jig, a crippled herring, and an AVA 007 trailed in red might just be what you need to get it done without getting your hands dirty.

There has also been a persistent rumor of bluefish in and around the North Shore and moving south. No proof has been seen, but there’s little reason to doubt the reports. Who lies about blues? If you find yourself chunking bunker, you might want to run a wire leader, but be advised… Bass from the same school as the one pictured above shunned a rod running worm on wire (don’t ask). Guess you might have to sacrifice a rig or two to find out.

As for freshwater, this cold streak (as it were) might have put the largemouths down, but then again maybe not. Not a lot has been heard from the lakes and ponds this past week. Again, the loss of Wolfes Pond has put pressure on other spots. If freshwater anglers don’t exercise some self control, it may be a very long and skunky spring.

Some of the SIFISHINGREPORTS crew is heading out tonight, so look for live reports on Twitter @SI_Osprey.

June 2023
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