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After an off-season of networking and retooling, the site is back and will be rolling strong starting this week.

Each Sunday night, I will be posting a new note on the state of fishing on Staten Island.  Obviously, as the fishing picks up this season there will be more to report.  If you read this site and would like to contribute, I am giving you an email address to send your reports to and I will post them.

Send your reports to:

Remember, this is not about spot burning or down-t0-latitude-longitude reports, but it is about developing an understanding of the fishery and what is working for you.

I am also hoping to add new contributors to the site.  If you fish Staten Island and want to share your knowledge, please contact me.

With that, I will be heading out tonight for a little catch-and-release action.  Based on my sources, the residents are awake and should be biting.  The water temps at both SDHN4 and Keansburg have been steady within a degree or two of 50 for about a week now.   That’s a lot better than last year when water temps were diving on this same day.  I looked back at my posts and a year ago to the day had the water temps dipping below the much needed 45 mark.  As of 10 minutes ago, Keansburg was reporting a solid 50 with plenty of light winds and sun left in the day.  If things hold like this, we could see 55 in the bay by the weekend!  That would really mean an early start to things.

Last week’s shake down surf fishing trip on the outgoing in Princes Bay was a skunk, but there was the full moon to contend with and a decent flux in the water temps.

The plastic navy (kayaks) is supposed to be hitting the Jersey side of the bay this afternoon.  I am anxious to hear what they say and I will report back on it as soon as I hear.

So, there you have it…I am back to reporting, hopefully you’ll be back to reading, and here’s to hoping the fish will be back to biting!

Live reports will be posted on Twitter @ SI_Opsrey…follow along if you’d like.

June 2023
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