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Thought I would throw a quick update out here…The weather for tonight changed drastically since the reports from the other day. What was supposed to be a 30 mph blow has settled down to a respectable 8-10 knt wind. Definitely fishable. And if you go, bring light flouro and a spinner with a decent drag…

Word from some of the SI sand was that Albies…That’s right footballs may have been spotted this morning pushing rainbait into the back bays near mid-island. Unfortunately, none were landed by a credible source (namely one with a camera) but they were sited busting baits. What is certain, is that small porgies were on the bite today with some landed and a lot of bait stolen.

Raritan Bay is still a little warm for my tastes. I’d recommend ocean facing beaches tonight and tomorrow. If it is meat-sticking you need after a long work week, I’d go for one rod with clam on a hi-lo and one rod with a bunker chunk and wire on the off-chance the big gators decide to appear. What do you have to lose? You can always switch up rigs. Right?

Plugging is an interesting call. I’d get the metal out. Winds will be a little stiff for plugs, but then again maybe not. It would seem to be a game-time decision.

Unfortunately, you won’t see me out there tonight…tomorrow is a different story though.

June 2023
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