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This marks the return of the SI Fishing Reports. While some might question why I’d chose to start things up again so late in the season…and they’d be right to do so…I wanted revive the site for a number of reasons.

First things first…A report:

Blues, a decent class of fish, have been on the bite for the past three weeks. Last night saw long but skinny blues to 8 lbs hit fresh bunker in the middle of outgoing. This has been the pattern for the last three weeks or so.

The ratty bass that have haunted the back part of the bays in recent weeks have disappeared. I would venture to guess that chomping bluefish jaws are partially responsible. What is somewhat troubling is that the bass that were being caught weren’t breaking the 5 lbs mark let alone 10 or above that should be the norm for this time of year.

The lack of peanut bunker would seem to be the culprit. The fatty little guys would help the bass bulk up and the primary fall forage just seems to be missing.

Here’s to hoping that a large school of northern bass push into the bay in the next week or two. END REPORT

Moving forward, this site will begin posting weekly reports for SI fishing until the bay shuts down completely for winter. At that time, I’ll be switching to a bi-weekly format that will cover trips, tips, and thoughts that extend beyond the SI fishing community.

I am glad to be back and I hope that you will renew your viewing and interest in this site.

New pages, new features, and news coming soon.

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