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Sunrise storm coming

Doesn't get better than this


It is still early, but from evidence (both personal and second-hand) the Fall run is about to begin in earnest back in the bay.

It has been a steady pick of bass from the beach and the kayak for the least 5 or 6 weeks. Obviously not every day all day…Outgoing tides in the dark seem to produce a little better than daylight hours, but some of the bass I, personally bailed, were done on a bright sunny morning.

There is some evidence of bluefish around too. I landed two over the weekend along with 4 schoolie sized bass to 10lbs.

The bay has dropped to 65 degrees and cold-water baits of clam and worm seem to be working well. The pluggers I’ve seen haven’t had a heck of a lot of luck, but I would imagine a good mullet run would remedy that.

Back of Raritan Bay has been a good choice for stripers, but smaller forage fish were prevalent for the past 3 weeks. I, personally, picked up over 10 kingfish over that stretch and managed 2 sea bass from the beach in that time too. I would think that the cooler temps have sent those species packing, but there’s always a chance of seeing them even now. Great Kills might turn on if the mullet come in. I would also assume that the inside edge of the harbor will be holding fish, but haven’t heard much on that front.

Boats have been doing well on lumpheads as well as out-of-season porgies in the usual locations.

With temps ranging down, a good moon, and okay tides, I’d spool up and try to get out this weekend.

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