While I like a good black and tan every now and then (Is it a bad sign that I want one right now–even though its 7:00 AM?), I don’t like it when I walk down to the bay and that’s the color of the sky and water.

With the whitecaps yesterday, Raritan Bay looked like a pint of Guinness. As such, my network has been slow to report. I have a feeling fish were caught yesterday, but too few and too far afield to make it noteworthy.

As of this morning, the bay still had some chop, but was fishable from the sand. I’d stay out of the boats until this afternoon, but once this wind lays down…and it will…it shouldn’t be too bad. That said, for my money I’d wait a day.

The spring tide cycle should clear out the bays pretty quickly once this wind subsides and that will mean bass on the prowl.

While it certainly feels like plugging weather this morning, I’m going to say that you’re more likely to see fish with eels and clams. (In that order too.) I know the old rule of thumb is that clams after a blow are a solid bet, but with all of the rough surf of late it is possible that the fish are a little overstuffed on clam. A fresh offering, an offering of live eel might be more enticing.

Then there’s the weather. The bay is back to cooling. If today remains overcast and the wind takes until noon or so to drop, you might see water temperatures below 70 for the first time since May. If that happens, look for some serious fishing to occur.

In the meantime, I am working up some theories on why gator blues might be a little hard to come by here. Look for that post later today or tomorrow morning. There are yellow-eyed beasts out there, but they seem short of toll money.