So, I believed yesterday’s weather report. I guess I only have myself to blame.

The wind is kicking a little, but the latest radar is holding off on actual rain. I’d be mindful of the wind pushing the tide up, but other than that, the day is fish-able from the sand. I’d be a little uncomfortable in a small craft and/or kayak though.

From my vantage point, it looks bass-y. Have I coined a new term? If so, please use it widely.

The rain predictions are for light showers and drizzle. That is perfect fishing weather. The problem, again, could be the wind. Nothing like throwing a crippled herring whilst getting pelted with razor-drizzle in a 20 knot wind. Which brings me to the real reason for the updated report.

While gold is going for $1,000 an ounce, I’d put $1,000,000 into silver right now. Anything tinny is going to work while the silversides (spearing) are still holding in the bay.  (I know I said yesterday they were scarce, but word is they’ve come back with the sun…now that’s overcast who knows.)  Crippled herring, deadly dicks (scale it down…those support-beam sized ones might be a little too big for today), AVA’s are the choice for the pluggers amongst us. I’ve heard that top-waters are working on the Jersey side of Raritan Bay from the kayaks. You can try it, but make sure its got a flashy silver belly or a teaser. (A shameless plug aimed at the shameless plugger…Try these…

For the meat-stickers amongst us (I count myself in that number more than anything else), peanut bunker is a good choice but stay away from the adults. Again, I am hearing that most chunked bunker is getting wasted on crabs or not touched altogether. I’d also stay away from worms for the moment. The small crabs have been plowing through them and they’re so small you don’t know they’re even there. The only way I found out is by foul hooking one that was nibbling on my worm. I promptly hooked him up and sent him back out. Lucky for him, nothing was around and he actually made it off the hook and walked away. I doubt he lasted long, but in my mind a quiet end is better than getting inhaled by a striper. Clam will be a good choice later because the rough surf should key the linesiders onto the clam.

Last but not least, what about weakfish? I don’t know, but I think there here. With all of the SCA’s lately, the boats haven’t been looking for them and that’s why nobody is reporting catches.  I think they’re here but aren’t making runs at the beach. Maybe with the spring tide, that’ll change. If I were you and I will be on Friday, I’d play pink slugos or other jerk baits off of beaches that run close to the edge of channels. Watch out for those head-shakes.