Only I would pick a day with coastal flooding, tornado watches, and 20 knot winds to start a fishing blog.

Then again maybe today isn’t such a bad day at all.  If I can’t fish, at least I can think about fishing and that’s what I’m doing…The mullet have started to make an appearance in NJ which means the Fall Run has officially started.   As that this is a Staten Island blog, I am not putting too much stock in what happens over the bridge, but it does mean that things are going to start turning on here fairly soon.  That is if they haven’t already…

Last week marked the first “good” night of fishing from the sand I’ve had in a while.  Managed a schoolie striper at 19″ on clam.  Conditions weren’t ideal and I wasn’t hoping for more than some peace and quiet on the beach.  After a cocktail blue tore up my home-made hi-lo,  I was going to switch up to wire.  I figured one more cast and I’d switch.  Good thing I waited.  The schoolie hit softly and I don’t think he would have hit at all if I had a wire on.

Missed a few chances to get out at night this week, but I am planning on hitting the beach tomorrow night at sunset.  I’m bringing the med-hvy rod rigged for eel and a slightly lighter rod rigged for clam.  If I had my way, I’d run a 3rd for blues.  As that there may be a few us out, I’ll stick to 2 rods.  If it looks bluefishy, I’ll switch out rigs.

Good luck out there…Tight Lines…And let me know how you did