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The bay water just shot up above 70–again–that doesn’t bode well for the bass bite, but might mean that some those double-digit bluefish might find their way into the shore.

Word from around the VZ was a decent striper bite.  Schoolies with the occasional 20 lber in the mix on the North Shore from boats. If they’re catching weakfish, they’re not telling me. (That’s because I am going to tag along…I need a weakie for the season slam.)

On the paddle side of things, I haven’t heard much from the kayak fishermen on SI. The Jersey side of Raritan Bay is the place for big blues on bright poppers almost anytime.

As promised, I will be reporting on my theories why I think the guys over at Kayak Fishing Stuff (Bob and Bill–thanks for the intel) were slaying them the other day. I am investigating some ideas and plan to post them soon.

From the suds, With a nasty wind slated for Friday…I’d shoot for Thursday night or Sunday. Saturday might not be too bad..but that’s when I plan on going so I am trying to keep the beach to myself. Look for schoolies and with the water temps higher—plan on flouro leaders, small hooks, and a lot a misses on plugs. Stick with it and you might find a 20-30lber lurking.

Last year–almost to the day–I watched a guy haul an easy 25lber off the beach broad daylight by the Conference House on bunker chunks. It was so big, they couldn’t fit it in the 5 gallon bucket.

Finally, the DEP is investigating the sewage spill in Willowbrook pond. The back half (near the ball fields) is fishable with big carp roaming. Be mindful, those carp are the smartest pond fish I’ve ever seen. Sunnies are hitting hard and I’ve seen small bass come up here and there. My freshwater connection is refusing to talk–so that means the bite is getting really good. Can’t catch ’em if you’re not fishing for ’em.

June 2023
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