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High wispy clouds and decent wind make today a great fishing day. Which is great because the next three or four are going to be rough.

It isn’t the rain, I don’t mind the rain. They are calling for winds in the 13 to 15 mph range with rain. Now that’s the makings for a lousy day to fish.

I’ve been asking around on the beach and at the tackle shops and fishing has been decent. There are stripers to be had on clams and some on eels. Clam rigs are selling well and the individual fishermen I’ve spoken to have been coming home with bunker left-over.

One guy told me he had so much frozen bunker, he was thinking of selling it.

The eelers haven’t had much to say which sometimes means they’re doing well. For my money it seems a little warm for eels, but then again an eel is always a good bet.

I haven’t seen or read too much about blues. My thought is that the wash-down from the storms has made the bay a little less salty and pushed the blues a little farther out. That said, today would be the day to see blues if they’re around.

Unfortunately, it looks like this spring tide is going to be a wash out. I will continue to be optimistic about it so here’s my advice:

Friday night top of high tide on ocean-facing beaches with clam and eels could very well get you into some stripers. Leave the wire home because even if the blues are out there, they’re not worth the trouble.

As for plugging, if you wanted to I’d pattern on peanut bunker. The slender rain baits, like spearing, have been scarce since the storm.

I am checking in with my freshwater sources later today and will have a report on that either later or tomorrow. I will say that the ponds are clearing up and that it might not be such a bad idea to get out those spinner baits.

June 2023
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