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Big Bass + Night Bite = Very little sleep for the editor!

Things have been hectic on the Staten Island fishing scene, hence the delay in reports.  Sorry to all my loyal readers…of which two of them are featured here.

May was a remarkable month.  Big bass busted all over huge bunker pods.  When they fell off the bite, gorilla blues came in and demolished tackle.  There’s just a sample of what has been pulled up over the last few weeks featured here today.

Fishing from the surf was outstanding for the majority of the last three weeks.  There have been some slow downs.  This are attributed to tidal and weather influences.  The boats fared well when they could get out.  Heavy chop and a night bite made for some dicey runs.

When the winds cooperated and the bay navigable, captains were able to put hooks in blues and sizable bass well over 38lbs.  Overall, this has been a Spring to tell the grand-kids about. 

Anthony Longo with one of many 20lbers for the month of May.

One of many for Jan “The Man”. He’s high hook among his fishing partners.

Moving forward, the bay is warming with temps running close to 70 for the past week or two.  This will push the stripers down for certain, but this recent shot of colder air might put schoolie-sized fish back on the feed.  Blues in the 8-10 lbs range are all over and making for some fun fishing from both the surf and the boat.

Fluking has been slow with cool waters and lousy drifts.  Not much has been said about flatties from the surf, but it is very early for it.  That said, rain bait was seen busting in the shallows last week.

Big Spro bucktails in white with a GULP Shrimp should get the job down whether you’re leaning against the gunwale or standing on the sand at Crooke’s Point.

Freshwater venues look like the SIE at 7:00 AM with bumper-to-bumper fishermen trying to find bass.   Acme and Willowbrook are in serious jeopardy of becoming t00-pressured.  It is not the fishermen’s fault either.  With the loss of a Wolfes, if you want to flex your freshwater skills there are few options.  Off-times and bad weather would be your best bets for some tranquil fishing and your best bet at landing a bucketmouth.  Paddle-tails in sunnie colors and flashy metal would do you well in these conditions.

Looking forward…

A Big Blue Gorilla...and not a cartoon!

June 2023
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