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…that’s what the fishing has been like lately.

IMG_0320These mid-range blues are reminding some of us why we fell for fishing in the first place.  The slamming hits, the fast runs, and the shallow-water-acrobatics are putting big smiles on the faces of fIMG_0318ishermen who appreciate reconnecting to the simple pleasures of fishing.  It is refreshing to not be constantly concerned about the trophy status of one’s fish and just have a laugh-out-loud good time trying to wrangle these 6lb blues.

These meat-eaters (more on plugging later) have been making hard runs at the beaches at sunset and later.  Fairly large schools of these tailor-blues are hanging well within casting range of most of the typical local haunts.  That said, sandy-bottom spots are producing slightly better than structured breaks.  Looking for troughs is key and will pay dividends for those who are willing to be patient.

20150604_000127-1As was the case with this gorilla 12lb blue picked up on the famous “last cast” call.

Same goes for stripers…Despite a general lack of reports, they’re still around.  Boaters have been landing nice ones, to 20lbs, live-lining and chunking.  Spoons trolled, very very very slow, have also had some luck bringing in the black and silver.

While there is nothing but a hunch to go on, conditions are lining up for the spot to start on the bite.  That would add a nice little bump to the pattern and provide for some fun catch and bait tactics.

The only downside, if there is one, is that plugs aren’t being all that effective.  While there have been catches, it’s not consistent nor is it easy to nail down a pattern.  Daiwa SPs in purple have shown some promise, but nothing worth promoting.

No…this is a meathead time of year.  But with results like this…

20150604_000157-1Ya’ have to just enjoy it!!!

June 2023
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