The promise of an April of all-day-non-stop bass blitzes and a steady stream of gorilla blues is slipping away with each passing tide. That is not to say that there aren’t fish to be had. There is great fishing in and around the island, but if we were hoping to simply toss a line anywhere at anytime and land a trophy…April is a fool’s month, no?

Tricked by a mild winter and a spring bite that started closer to February than April, it looked as if we’d have a Spring Run of epic proportions. What many of us failed to see was a full moon early in the month, water temps that haven’t budged, a weather pattern without many changes, and a body of fish that were simply content. We’re used to our spring fish being starved and hitting hard on bait because they need the nourishment. The problem with that theory is…these fish have been eating well all winter long. Then there’s the weather. Sure, the nights have been dry and comfortable and the days even better. It has been nearly perfect for 3 months and that is the problem. Bass, big bass, thrive in upset weather. They are storm fish, and face it, we haven’t had any real storms.

That said, big fish are being landed. Super-cows, to 50 lbs, have seen the sand if not the boat well. A lot of boats ran the bay on the weekends when it was blowing 10 knts, but getting on and hooking up with fish hasn’t been easy. The pictures of this big ‘uns are out there on the web and have been confirmed, but you wont get those smart anglers to give up their locations with out a fight, a case of micro-brew, or both. What they will say is right place at the right time is, like is is every April, is the key. You have to work for your fish this April…simple as that. There are also blues around. Not many and not in any size, but they’re there. One more week and you’ll need wire if you run bunker…mark it on the calendar.

The good news is that this coming week should make things interesting…at least for the surf fisherman. There’s a nice coastal low setting up for Sunday into Tuesday. A big, nor’easter-esque, blow is coming. If it does play out like the NWS is saying, it should be great bass fishing. Running the boat out on Saturday morning might be an idea. Look for the fish to be working around the points and deep sloughs. Again, for the surfmen…get your sleep, batten down your gear, and get ready for storm fishing. Late nights, big baits, and wind whipping rain in your face is on the horizon…so might be that wall-hanger you’ve been waiting for.

On the freshwater front…PRESSURE. Want-to be Bass Pro’s have been elbowing each other for space at the ponds. These fish are quickly earning PhDs in lures. That is not to say they can’t be had…wacky-rigged worms worked slow will nail ’em. Sunnies are always a safe bet with Trout Magnets in white saving you from pinning worms.