Multiple 20lbers invaded beaches gorging on bunker and the great news is that it is been like that for more than a week.  A look to the south would have me believe that we are seeing that huge body of bass that was all over IBSP and other points south last week and week before.  If that’s the case, linesides should giving the bunker fits for the next week or so.

The natives and gray-bearded fisherman I’ve been jawing with are claiming the best Spring in 40 years and from what I’ve seen and heard…I am inclined to believe them.

Bunker was thick enough to walk on in GK yesterday afternoon.

Thursday night it was that a steady pick of large bay bass little further toward the back on both bunker and AVA’s.  Storm shads had a little luck, but there were a lot of dropped fish.  My thinking is that these a bigger and more educated fish so they’re more likely to drop rubber baits.  Same goes for wire, with blues in and around—wire seemed like a good bet, but there were a lot of dropped fish before a change over to fluoro hi-lo’s put 2 20lber’s on the sand.  That is not to say wire didn’t need to be on hand…

Blues batted clean up in the slack water. Racer size not the gorillas of years past.

Up island fishing has been good as well, but the bunker are definitely in the back and so goes the bait so goes the stripers!