So it has yet to come alive yet in the back of the bay. Undoubtedly, the storms, wildly yo-yo’ing weather, among other things are having an effect.

Two trips in the last two weeks have resulted in skunks. That isn’t unusual for late March and I am probably being too optimistic, but the reports from the Jersey side are fueling my expectations.

Last Sunday’s trip was an uncharacteristic mid-day search along the shores of Princes bay.  Fishing most of the outgoing yielded nothing in the way of hits.  Clams were plentiful on the beach and the birds were having a feast of it.  The water was off-c0lored but not the chocolate milk we had earlier.  Wind was stiff and steady but nothing that made it uncomfortable.   In all, it was nice to get some sun and get some cast’s in, but the fishing was s-l-o-w.

Can’t say that this Sunday was much better in the catching department, but it definitely was a little more interesting.  With the water temps low, I decided to hit the shallower parts of the back of the bay from sunrise for 2 hours  Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, the sun never really broke through so there was little to no warming effect.  That said, the action was little better although no fish were actually seen.  With 2 fisherman and 4 lines in the water, there were a total of 2 to 3 hits on hi-lo clams with one solid run on the line that came unbuttoned due to dip in the rod tip—The rust is chipping away slowly.  In all, somewhat encouraging for 2 hours worth of fishing after a night that saw air temps dip into the high 20’s.

This week might be a little tough to call.  With heavy rains in the front half of the week, conditions later on are going to be wait-and-see.  Runoff and chocolate milk water colors might make the great weather later in the week deceptive.  Then again, you can’t catch them if you’re not out there.  Despite water conditions, it might be just too nice out to not fish…bites or not.