Woke up, with out the alarm, at 2:30 AM. Was on the beach and lines out by 3:15 AM.

First lines and rigs were:
Hi-Lo 4/0 Circles with Clam and Sandworm

FishFinder 4/0 with Bunker

Switched around baits and combinations for the next 4 hours with nothing to show for it.

While I hate the skunk, I am actually not too disappointed. This is the first skunk in about 4 trips. I wasn’t all that optimistic to start and it was a really beautiful night out. The bay was flat and calm. The air was clean. That post-storm clean. The only problem was that there weren’t any fish.

The weather of the last week or so really rewrote the rips and bars. The beach was totally different and I am sure the breaks, rips, and holes have all shifted around.

It is going to take a while to re-pattern them.

What I was surprised about was how clean the water was looking.  On Friday, it looked like chocolate milk and I figured it would be full of weed and debris.  As of this morning, it was clear and visible down about 2-3 feet.  There was little to no debris or weeds.  Which, I will say again, is surprising as that Friday’s winds and tides had water all the way up pass the spring tide marks.

The bait was missing.  I think that will be the key to recovery for this week along with figuring out where the drop-off and holes are now.  They may have pushed a little further back into the bay.  I fished closer to the front this time around and that may have been a factor.

Water temps are slowly rising…which isn’t so bad, but I’d wish they’d stay 70 for awhile.  We have a nice tide for Wednesday.  Hitting the leading edge of a spring tide that will come on on Friday.  Hopefully the weather will hold out because it doesn’t look like I’m going to have the time before Friday to get out again.  In the meantime, I will be working my connections so that I can get more information and start this in earnest.

Log on, let me know what you’ve seen and been up to…While I seem to do it more and more these days,  I do hate talking to myself.